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Webinar: "How blockchain and cryptocurrency affect your business's carbon performance"

Updated: Mar 7

About the Workshop:

Blockchain technology has substantially affected most of the existing industries, it has been proved that this technology will significantly affect companies’ carbon emission performance. Along with this impact, the blockchain enabled cryptocurrency(such as bitcoin) and Initial Coin Offering(ICO) has also changed many businesses and individuals behaviours, which has caused a lot of debates on whether this has positively/negatively impact carbon emission, the recent publication in Nature Communication addressed this issue, and straightaway caused attentions from more than 130 global media outlets(Jiang et al, 2021). It’s important to make more businesses to be aware of such impact, and make more informed decision about it’s carbon emission.

In the workshop, we invited four industry professionals, including Professor Yu Xiong, Dr. Yuwei Wang, Dr. Yanbo Wang and Professor Xi Wang, to discuss how companies use blockchain technology to solve the problem of carbon emissions, realize the digitization of carbon assets, and provide feasible solutions to promote the reduction of carbon emissions. The use of the distributed node sharing and traceability characteristics of the blockchain can realize the real-time dynamic tracking of carbon assets and the reasonable allocation of recording quotas, making carbon emissions more transparent, orderly, and easier to implement. At the same time, the workshop also aims to discuss the carbon emission aspect of the cryptocurrency and ICO activities.

The Workshop is supported by the ENE project as well. The ENE project has received funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is the Managing Authority for European Regional Development Fund.


Understand the blockchain technology and carbon emission.

Understand Crypto Mining and Carbon Emission.

Advice for businesses to make informed decision when apply blockchain technologies.


Professor Yu Xiong Professor at the University of Surrey, Fellow of University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Dr. Yuwei Wang Vice President of Vantone Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Ph.D. in Sociology, CFA Chartered Financial Analyst, Bachelor and Master of Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Yanbo Wang Chief Data Scientist (Vice President Level) of Long Ying Zhida, a financial technology company under Hua Xia Bank, graduate tutor of University of International Business and Economics, industry tutor of School of International Economics, guest professor of Yunnan University Big Data Research Institute

Professor Xi Wang Professor of Central University of Finance and Economics, PhD supervisor, Director of Enterprise Technology Finance Innovation Research Centre.

Supporting resources:

University of East London – who will underwrite the webinar, provide all the necessary academic and administration support services and bring its unique expertise and know

Ying De Group – delivers fundraising and legal services for the UK startups. Ying De would be a strategic business partner with promising start-ups to help the continued expanding to Asian market.

CIDAUK – helps startups to grow by introducing them to well-heeled Asian investors, who also bring with them the much sought-after business connections and experience in the world’s


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