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CIDAUK announces the joint operation of the UK's largest Sino-British cross-border industrial park

Professor Xiong Yu, President of CIDAUK Incubation Center, and Mr. Wenjing Zeng, Chairman of Skyline Group, signed a cooperation agreement

Recently, CIDAUK announced the joint operation of the UK's largest Sino-British cross-border industrial park to promote the international development of Chinese companies. The industrial park will jointly manage more than 10 business and innovation spaces in London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Cardiff, etc., in order to support more Chinese companies to explore opportunities in different parts of the UK, and provide venues, markets, strategies, finances and Operational support.

More and more Chinese companies are not satisfied with the Chinese market, and are becoming more and more confident to go abroad to develop and maximize their corporate interests. "One-stop service for Chinese enterprises going abroad" mainly includes four aspects. The first is to provide British docking services to help build the required market and scientific research network in the UK; the second is to provide remote settlement and various agency services. Chinese companies can set up in the International Innovation Center in the center of London at a very low cost. Branch offices can complete company registration within one day, establish virtual or physical offices, and complete company account opening remotely within a week, and quickly put them into operation; third, provide physical office space so that British customers can feel domestic companies in the UK The influence of the company greatly shortens the communication distance; the fourth is to help companies integrate their industry’s scientific research and market resources in the UK, and provide high-level strategic cooperation resources and investment opportunities, and reduce the huge costs and the risk of failure for companies blindly going abroad. . Make it easier for Chinese companies to go abroad, and start the brand of Chinese companies.

The industrial park will efficiently provide physical office space solutions for the development of enterprises in the UK. The spatial layout runs through the north and south of the UK. For example, Loftus House is located in the Sunderland Business Park in the northeast of England (the park has many well-known British companies, such as Taylor Wimpey, NHS, TSB, etc.), located in the Lugano Building, Nottingham, Sherwood Industrial Park, Nottingham, a well-known business park in central England The Westminster Building in the city center and so on. Companies can build a cooperative ecosystem with established companies such as Make Consulting, Columbus Global UK, Babcock Networks, RTC North, etc. in innovation and technology, commercialization of intellectual property rights, medical industry, education industry, manufacturing industry, retail industry and many other aspects. Obtain resources and support at the UK national and European level.

Image by Mike Kononov
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