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Christmas Reception at House of Lords

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with Magna Carta Blockchain Forum, an initiative of Big Innovation Centre and Magna Carta Island International Innovation Centre.

Date: 9 December 2019

Location: Cholmondeley Room & Pavilion Terrace, House of Lords

Special contribution from

  • HOST: The Lord Clement-Jones CBE - championed the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI as Co-Chair, and Chaired the AI Select Committee in House of Lords. One of the UK's important influencers of AI ethics and governance.

  • The Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE - championed the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and AI as Vice Chair. One of the UK's significant thought leaders on Blockchain applications and use-cases.

  • Charles Kerrigan, Partner, Banking & International Finance, CMS Law Firm - leading expert on digital money, the law of bank payments and blockchain technology. Member of Bank of England's Financial Markets Law Committee on Virtual Currencies.

  • Sanu de Lima, Deputy Director - Corporate Governance, Responsibility & Diversity, Business Frameworks Directorate, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

In attendance with

Business executives, Entrepreneurs, Parliamentarians and Thought Leaders in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, other innovation spheres

Special welcome from

  • Professor Birgitte Andersen, Chief Executive, BIG INNOVATION CENTRE

  • Professor Yu Xiong, Magna Carta Island International Innovation Centre

With: Networking, Speeches, Food and Drinks

Dress code: Business smart and festive (Sportswear and trainers are not allowed in the Cholmondeley room)

Bring proof of identity: Security and event staff will have a guestlist of all attendees, and anyone not on this list may be refused entry



The purpose of the Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance is to address global governance issues of blockchain innovation and implementation.

We will think forward about, and align, Blockchain innovation, national plans, business strategies, investment, research, regulation and governance.

We will bring evidence and discussions to the forefront to address the societal implications as well as environmental opportunities from Blockchain adoption.

  • Sustainability & Climate Change

  • Health care

  • Crypto Economy

  • Investment

  • Combatting poverty

  • Sports games

  • Global governance

  • People’s certificates

  • Digital finance

  • Data governance

  • Identity management

  • Security & Crime-Tech

  • Happiness

  • Supply chains

  • Blockchain global leaders

  • Smart Cities

  • Global industries and exemplars

  • Culture

  • Food

  • Smart contracts

  • Influence & voting systems

  • Payment-systems


Eventbrite page: click here.


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Image by Mike Kononov
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