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Anglia English

Anglia English is a comprehensive and systematic English learning system that integrates English online live teaching, AI courses and the official British English proficiency test. It was founded by former BBC famous host Mr. Tim Hague. The complete and scientific advanced system provides the world's most complete English language assessment course (10 levels from beginner to expert). The examination committee has a history of more than 30 years and is endorsed by the Office of Educational Standards (OFSTED).


AVS (Aston Vision Science)

AVS was founded in 2018 by technology inventor Dr. Karl Obszanski by transforming cutting-edge university research results into landing and profitable commercial healthcare solutions. Developed a new ophthalmic fissure microscope that is a total ophthalmology inspection instrument, through the software control of the lighting, effective and purposeful detection of each part of the eye, so as to meet the requirements of detecting a variety of eye diseases. At the same time, AVISION obtains and stores customer data to establish a secure database for AI training, making it invincible in the competition in the industry.



citiesabc Provides the largest global index of up to 1,000 cities and ranks them according to the dimensions of smart city infrastructure and sustainability. Citiesabc aims to provide citizens with the ability to interact with citizen authorities, local economies and communities, and empower them by providing citizens with relevant information, 4IR tools and open platforms. City civic leaders can use Smart City 4IR technology to communicate, educate and attract citizens through this platform, and civic groups and local economies can meet their special needs.



Orpiva is a digital platform for connecting brands and internet celebrities. Founded by Dr. Salman Valibeik of Imperial College London. Through AI technology, we can match internet celebrities that are more suitable for the brand image, and plan a series of high-exposure copywriting to enhance customers' brand awareness and increase product exposure. Improve the matching of Internet celebrities, planning activities, creating content and data monitoring services.


Illume Research

Illume Research aims to better prepare Asian students for studying abroad by developing their science research abilities.  The mentors from top  universities such as Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton tune in through live video to supervise research projects in a wide range of areas including engineering, psychology and environmental science, with some of the results being published in established industry journals abroad.



openbusinesscouncil is the leading business directory for SMEs startups & business empowerment. It offers resources and business advice in finance, tech and innovation. Open business council is an ecosystem to improve your business and use the best digital, financial and funding tools to grow ROI - return on investment and ROA - return on attention.


Skyline CG

Skyline CG provides architects, planners, developers and marketing agencies with high quality, time efficient and cost effective communication and marketing materials.  Founded by architects in 2005, Skyline CG has now established itself as one of the leading 3D visualization companies in the UK. We are able to use our extensive experience in both architecture and the arts to create impacting materials which have been presented in schemes worldwide.



techabc offers cutting-edge innovative technology with AI, blockchain, financial data-driven strategy for cities, organisations, and countries. We build premium platforms of the best-in-class tech to impact a very fast changing world.  techabc was founded by a team of leading thought leaders, influencers, academics, technologists, and top financial personalities with decades of high profile positions in some of the leading international organisations.



As a pioneer in artificial intelligence innovation, YITU integrates state-of-the-art AI technologies with industrial applications for a safer, healthier and smarter world.  YITU maintains a world-class R&D team having global vision to drive industrial development with advanced technologies.  YITU is engaged in fundamental research of artificial intelligence to find comprehensive solutions for machine vision, listening, and comprehension.


99P Recycling

99P Recycling is a leading company in the waste management industry in the UK based in Manchester.  Established in 2007, 99P Recycling buys and sells most types of plastics, and through its annual growth, it is now a leading name in the plastic recycling industry.  Over the past 11 years, together with its trusted network of UK and worldwide customers and suppliers, 99P Recycling has gained a good reputation for service, quality and care.

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