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2022 Magna Carta Island Blockchain Application Forum was hosted successfully by CIDAUK

On January 20, 2022, the "2022 Magna Carta Blockchain Application Forum" hosted by the Ying De Group was held at the Magna Carta International Innovation Center in London. The forum was strongly supported by Seedlegals, the UK's largest platform closer for funding rounds, and Malta Enterprise Department. At the same time, it also attracted the participation of a large number of influential professionals in the field of blockchain application represented by Professor Yu Xiong from the University of Surrey. Nearly 100 people participated in the forum and reception dinner. Everyone gathered to share the experience of blockchain technology application, discuss its development and seek cooperation opportunities between different industries.

Created as the center of the blockchain "Blockchain Island"

The forum was opened by Professor Yu Xiong, Chairman of the Magna Carta Island Blockchain Forum, President of the British International Innovation Center, Professor of the University of Surrey and Director of the Innovation and Industrialization Center, and introduced the UKIIC, innovation ecology, and blockchain technology. Practical application in the field of innovation. From its birth to the present, the overall development and application prospects of blockchain technology are becoming more and more clear. Its unique decentralization and its immutable nature make it the core underlying core technology of finance in the future. Professor Xiong hopes that people in the blockchain field can increase cooperation by strengthening exchanges, jointly develop blockchain technology, and at the same time build Magna Carta Island as the center of the blockchain "Blockchain Island".

Professionals Sharing

In the era of the superposition of the Internet and technological innovation, the rapid development of blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies has brought revolutionary development to the world's financial industry. Blockchain technology can greatly improve the efficiency of traditional finance. The core underlying technology to solve traditional financial pain points. Professor Mark Ryan of the University of Birmingham, Professor Carmine Ventre of King's College London, Professor Birgitte Anderson, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Cross-Party Blockchain Group, Peter Meli, head of department of Malta Entrrprise and Anthony Rose, founder and CEO of Seedlegals. Experts in the field of block Scholars, founders of fintech companies, and developers expressed their views on the application of blockchain technology in the financial field.

During the forum, there was a heated discussion on the convenience brought to us by the application of blockchain technology and the concerns that still exist in the actual combination. While there is general recognition for the strong and unstoppable momentum of blockchain, different concerns have been raised about how to enhance security and the protection of personal information.

Blockchain application companies

Many blockchain technology companies also participated in the forum, including financial enterprise Liti Capital. Relying on Hoo Ecology, HOO Smart Chain is an open source blockchain project dedicated to broadening the blockchain world and bringing a more complete ecological closed loop. A full-featured photo and video sharing social network Pixie based on blockchain cryptoeconomics, Liberty Road Captial, the first NFT platform Maxity to raise funds for charities and introduce their experience in the application of blockchain technology, He shared his experience in the application of blockchain technology.

Reception Dinner for the Year of the Tiger

After the forum meeting, a reception dinner was held to welcome the Chinese New Year. With the melodious violin playing and martial arts performances, everyone also entered a free exchange session. During the dinner, everyone talked about cooperation and exchanges, and the participants exchanged enthusiastically and enthusiastically during the meal.

This event provides a platform for elites from all walks of life in the UK blockchain field to communicate efficiently, innovate and lead, and have a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Many heavyweight guests plan to conduct more in-depth cooperation in the field of blockchain and decide to hold more blockchain-related events on Magna Carta Island in the future.

Image by Mike Kononov
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