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Oxford scientists launch OxValue.AI to enhance international technology collaboration

Updated: Mar 7

OxValue.AI Inauguration and International Investment and Innovation Forum takes place on June 25, 2021 at 11am as a Zoom online conference. is co-organized by the Oxford Department of International Development,University of Oxford and

Technology and Management Development Research Center,University of Oxford

, and the Open Business Council.


OxValue.AI pioneers a new approach to valuation using big data and machine learning. The new valuation methodology offered by OxValue.AI is based on their proprietary Valuation of Early Stage Technology (VEST) model, a unique algorithm that allows for more accurate monetary valuation of technology.

The VEST model was co-developed by a research group led by Professor Xiaolan Fu, Chairman of OxValue.AI and Professor at Oxford University. The model takes into account significant nodal parameters of significant size, intelligently extracts large specialized databases and information using AI and big data methods, and uses multiple iterative intelligent algorithms to value patents and technologies more accurately than existing methods. For example, Deepmind's 2014 valuation measured by this method was between $590 and $650 million, compared to Google's acquisition price of $640 million that year. For startups in the UK digital sector, the VEST model explains 85% of the IP valuations of the startups in the sample, and for younger startups, the model has a higher explanatory power., ,Using this intelligent algorithm can be more efficient than traditional valuation methods, save costs, and enable valuations to scale.

AI was launched on Friday, June 25, 2021 at the International Investment and Innovation Forum hosted by Oxford University's School of International Development, with Professor Xiaolan Fu of Oxford University as Chairman, Professor Yu Xiong of the University of Surrey as Managing Director, and Professor Deigo Sanchez Ancorchea, Director of Oxford University's School of International Development, as Director. The Forum also invited Professor Chas Bountra, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Mr. Mark Logan, Member of the UK Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology, Lord Tim Clement Jones, Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Dinis Guarda, Chairman of the Open Business Commission, Dr. Eugene Qian, Chairman of UBS Securities, and Dr. Eugene Qian, Chairman of WIPO Economics and Statistics. Dr. Eugene Qian, Chairman, UBS Securities; Dr. Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, Director, Economics and Statistics Division, WIPO; Dr. Kong Junmin, CEO, CSCS; Ms. Sonia Kabir, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Technology Bank and Founder of the SBK Foundation and Ignite Fund; Mr. Vernon Sankey, Director of the Board of Directors of Atos Mr. Sankey, and Ms. Dzuleira Abu Bakar, Group CEO of Malaysia Technology Park Corporation.

The forum attracted nearly thirteen thousand people who participated simultaneously from all over the world through online meeting rooms and online live streaming platforms.

Professor Xiaolan Fu of Oxford University introduced OxValue.AI and the project members

OxValue.AI signed MoU with CIPRUNt Group and Ying De Group,

Professor Chas Bountra, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford, talks about the importance of international technology cooperation

Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE FRSA Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom talks about the value of OxValue.AI applications


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