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The European Union Regional Development Fund Accelerator organized by CIDAUK was successfully launch

The European Union Regional Development Fund Accelerator, organized by Anglo-Germany, was successfully opened at 10 am UK time on June 22, 2021. After several months of preparation, ten projects were selected. These projects come from education, technology, fashion, architecture and other fields. They all have very high expectations for promoting the sustainable development of society and low carbon emission reduction.

Frankie of CIDAUK Incubation Center presided over the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Susan Keeping, the person in charge of the ENE Energy Project of the University of East London, delivered a speech, welcoming and wishing the SMEs that participated in the programme would gain something to help their business growth. We also invited mentors from well-known UK universities and business leaders and most accelerators to coach participating companies and make suggestions. Professor Darryl Newport, Dean of the School of Sustainable Leadership, University of East London, gave a welcome speech, and then CIDAUK co-founder and Professor Yu Xiong from the University of Surrey introduced the accelerator’s support for the project. The last two experts gave the first coaching on the project.

In the counseling, these projects have very high expectations for promoting the sustainable development of society and low carbon emission reduction. Among them, the fashion project puts forward the hope that accelerators can help them find more environmentally-friendly new materials and solutions to enrich the supply chain, thereby strengthening the advantages of enterprises and accelerating the development. Much of it comes from the support of scientific research data from universities, and the construction projects are more concerned about how to overcome more obstacles in terms of low-carbon emission reduction to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the competitiveness of products, and also meet the requirements of government social development. Everyone discussed enthusiastically and asked a lot of questions for help. The atmosphere of the auxiliary discussion in just one hour was very enthusiastic, and everyone's thoughts were still unfinished. In the next six weeks, colleagues and experts in the incubation center will continue to help companies answer these questions one by one.

In addition, Mr. Han Bing, Chairman of the Yingde Group and the founder of CIDAUK Incubation Center, also expressed congratulations. He said that Yingde is very honored to work with the EU Regional Development Fund, the Government of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the British University to promote sustainable business in the UK. Ecological construction. We are confident that through the help of our accelerator, we can strengthen the advantages of participating companies and contribute to their growth and development.


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Image by Mike Kononov
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